So I'm now 35 years old. Yep, 35 turning 36. I'm married with a pretty decent career in investigations. Very involved in my church community, which by the way has it's pros and cons and a very loving circle of friends and family. So why do I still feel this overwhelming need to achieve.

I have everything I need and most of what I want in life. I am not rich or famous, nor do I have the things that most people equate to being successful, but I feel blessed. I AM blessed. So what's wrong, you ask? I am not balanced. Sounds a bit like a slogan doesn't it. Blessed but not balanced. *trademark alert!

Whereas at 30 I spent most of my time searching for life's meaning and purpose by involving myself in endless projects, activities and exhausting relationships; at 35 I now find myself searching for, yearning for balance in my everyday life. Let me be clear. I am not searching for utopia for I know this is not possible. What I need is to be in a place where I can handle life's challenges without burning out. A place where I enjoy life and my relationship with God as opposed to feeling overwhelmed. A low stress, inner peace, loving myself and learning from my experiences kind of life. This is very possible.

So what do I do now? I decide to take a few steps in making some changes on my journey to balance.

1. Get rid of the junk: I mean all kinds of junk. Mental, physical and spiritual junk.

2. Fill the clean spaces with clean stuff: So my diet changes to incorporate foods that help my body function at optimal capacity. Foods that make my skin glow, hair shine, eyes bright, mind clear and body filled with lots of energy. I've also incorporated aromatherapy in my daily routine. I've always had a love for oils for different reasons so I am now exploring that world and I'm loving it so far. I'll document as I progress. Exercise is of course apart of my life, but since I'm easily bored by the gym, I'm still trying to find extracurricular activities to fill this void. Lastly, I've begun to explore my relationship with Jesus on another level. This includes meditation, prayer and studying the word of God.

3. Invest my time in worthy causes: I've recently started a mentoring program with 2 other young women. I'm telling you, investing my time in the lives of others is the absolute best way to spend your time. It is challenging at times because the mentees do have flaws and kinks to work out but when I see the progress in their lives I am motivated to keep going. I've certainly become less selfish and more loving. I've also taken the time to evaluate my personal relationships and how I utilize my time with others. 

4. Investing in myself: Spending meaningful time with myself by doing what I love will only make me a better person. I will never lose when I invest in myself.

It looks like a lot but I am confident that this journey will be more rewarding than chasing what others think I should be doing. This is exciting for me and a little scary at the same time. I am a quirky person so I don't even know if what I'm doing is going to give me the balance I need but I'm willing to take the leap. I invite you to come along with me and even help me. As a matter of fact, let's help and support each other.