Good morning!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! If you didn't, it's ok. Today is new day and another opportunity to be your best and do your best!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about our insecurities. I am a big believer in being transparent and real so I can admit that I have some major insecurities. There are times where I have to fight just to believe in myself no matter how great others say I am. There are days when I believe the negative comments and disbelieve the positive. Isn't that crazy? What am I so insecure about?  Well, it depends on the day. I can feel bad about my looks today and doubt my intelligence tomorrow. There's  always something to criticize and with the pressure from society to be a "super women", it's hard just to be happy in your own skin.

There's also  the pressure to be a perfect Christian. One that dresses in the best clothes on Sunday and seems to never look out of place. One that seemingly never does anything wrong and is lauded by others for their pious works. By the way, there is no such thing as a perfect Christian. No such person at all. One last contributor of my insecurities is that little sneaky voice that creeps up and tells me that I can't do something or I'll never be such and such. This negative voice always seems to creep in when I'm in my most vulnerable moments, making it more difficult to bounce back. Holding me in "insecurity station" for longer than I need to be. 

This type of  pressure can be so hard that it sends some of us into a state of deep depression. I promise you, I'm not exaggerating when I say that there are many who are not living the life of an over-comer because they are trying to live up to the standards of men and not God. Here's the kicker. No one is perfect! No matter how pretty they are, how well they dress or how eloquent their speech, everyone has something about them that can be improved. That is why men's standards and feelings are always changing. Thankfully God's standards and feelings towards us never change and it has nothing to do with our outward appearance.

As I get older, I realize that sometimes I need a reality check booster shot. I need to get back to the truth of who I am and my potential in God. I need to get out of Insecurity Station and get back on the train of life and keep moving forward. When I need this I go to scriptures like.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.
— Ephesians 2:10 NLT

Do you see that? We are God's masterpiece. When I think of a masterpiece I think of great art and architecture. When I see it, I think "Wow, how beautiful. You cannot get anymore perfect than that". That is who I am in God's eyes. Not only that, but God also has a plan for me that was in place long before I was born. I am a masterpiece and I have purpose!

Andy Stanley puts it like this, "God's vision for you is what you were made for. And more than that, his individual vision for your life is a small part of a grand plan for the universe that he envisioned and put in motion long before you or I cam eon the scene. I'm not exaggerating one bit when I say that your vision came from eternity past and fulfilling it will have effects lasting into eternity future."

When I read passages and quotes like that, all my insecurities about who I am and what my purpose is melt away. So when you feel like camping out in that dreary dark station feeling sorry for yourself, try this:

  1. Begin to think of God's vision for your life and true purpose in the bigger scheme of things.
  2. Think about past blessings and happy moments. 
  3. Begin to live in gratitude. Thanking God for where you have been, where you are now (even if it's now where you want to be), and where you are going. Because YOU...ARE...GOING..SOMEWHERE girlfriend! 
  4. Spend some quiet time with God and ask God about his big wonderful plan for you and allow him to speak to you. Don't spend all your time dictating to God your list of wants. Spend some real quality time just listening. 
  5. Write down what he tells you. I'll say it again. Write down what he tells you. He will tell you the thoughts he has for you and if you so happen to find yourself in Insecurity Station again, pull out those notes, read them and jump back on the train of life. 

God's thoughts about us are good and they will keep us in a place of confidence, love and security. 

Until next time......................

Live in gratitude. Live in Love.
— Stacey