Houston, we DON’T have a problem

For the past few months, my family and I have been planning to visit a few relatives in the big state of Texas. I'll admit that I've never been there and was curious to see if all the good reports were true. You see I 've been trying to relocate further south for some time now because, let's face it, New York can wear a sister down. I love the lights, the action and the ability to walk out of my house at midnight and buy a pint of ice cream at the locate store. New York really never sleeps, but sometimes I need some sleep. So what am I looking for? Well, I need the city life with country charm. A place where people say hello and you know your neighbors. A place that values Christian character. Authentic, true Christian character. An environment that celebrates and promotes family values; but has a decent city life where you can have a great date night with your hubby.  

Gelazzi Heights

I'm not saying that New York does not have these qualities, but growing up here all my life made me realize that the hustle mentality is what thrives here. It's good for some but not for all. There was too much to see but very little time.  I'm sure Houston has its negatives (the drivers) as well as its positives (the food) but from my brief stay here I can say that I really like it and can definitely see myself and my family making the move to the BIG state of Texas. Until next time.....................