Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.
— Mathew 7:7-8

Forgive me for the late post today. Faith is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, and it took me quite a bit of strength (and many edits) to write about my faith journey as it relates to having children. I hope this gives you the encouragement you need to stay focused on Jesus as you hold on to hope with complete faith in him. 

In today's edition, I would love to talk a little bit about how I remain focused on the Lord's promises concerning me. Have you ever prayed for something with all earnest, believing that God will come through, only to face a different a result or no result at all? 

If you have read my previous post on PCOS, where I talk about being diagnosed and the struggles I've gone through with this condition, you know that one of my major struggles is the inability to have children. While growing up I've never been one to yearn for children, but about two years into my marriage my biological clock went into high gear, and all I could see was my family of four. My husband, our twins, and I. As the years passed by and I watched my peers have more and more children I'd slowly become depressed. To nurse my wounds, I began to make excuses as to why I could not have any children. Saying things like "it's probably not in the will of God for me to have any children" or "I'm probably suffering the consequences of my past mistakes." Deep down my heart was breaking. 

Some of the women around me certainly didn't make my experience any easier by asking questions like "when are you going to have your children?" as if I had any say in my situation. Let's not forget the comments like "you are running out of time" and "you will have children soon, don't worry." I knew they meant well, but I couldn't help but feel like an outsider, and I certainly felt like a failure. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore, and I began to cry to God like Hanah in 1 Samuel chapter 1. I cried so much my tears drenched my shirts, my prayer mat, and my carpet.  I would love to tell you that God has answered my prayers and delivered on his promise, but the truth is, I'm still waiting. I have received my answer, but I'm still waiting to see the visible manifestation of the miracle he has promised me, and it is the waiting process that seems to be so hard.  

The waiting process is the most difficult, and we often lose our blessing because we refuse to or don't know how to wait. Adding to the impatience are the thoughts of doubt, fear, distrust in God and eventual apathy towards the promise.  In my waiting season, the Lord is teaching me three principles that will help me to hold on for dear life to his promises. 

Three principles to hold to while waiting for God's promises

How to hold on to your faith

In Mathew 7:7-8, Jesus tells us to persist in pursuing God. He doesn't ask us, he commands us.  We often give up after a few halfhearted prayers and conclude that God will not answer them or that he is not listening to our prayers. But to know God is to have a relationship with him where you trust him enough to know that he always has your best interest at heart and in the end, you will prosper.  Faith in God is not only declaring and decreeing that he will do something for you. 

  1. Faith believes that no matter what God's answer, it will all work out for your good in the end.
  2. Faith is being consistent in your praise & worship while you wait for an answer. It is opening up the word and reminding yourself of his promises for you, and in response, you praise him for who he is and his ability to perform miracles in your life.  
  3. Faith is preparing for what God is going to do for you. Don't just pray about it and forget it. Pray about it, study for it, apply for it, talk about it, strengthen your passion for it, move towards it while believing that it is going to happen. 

Keep your focus on the goal.

Jesus promised us that he would reward us if we pray without ceasing. Don’t give up in your efforts to seek God. Continue to ask him for more knowledge, patience, wisdom, love and understanding. He will give them to you. Consistently pursuing God, keeps your eyes on the one who will come through for you. Keeping your focus on God means that you are walking towards his direction, your eyes fixed on him, while the storm is going on around you. Although you've lost your job, your eyes are fixed on God for provision. You are maybe struggling in school, but your eyes on fixed on Jesus while you continue to study and do your best to pass. Your marriage is in trouble, but your eyes are fixed on Jesus, your ears are open to his instructions, and you are willing to do what he asks you to do to mend the situation. Once again, to keep your focus you must believe that his plans are to prosper you and to give you a future. 

Exercising your faith and focus in the follow - through

As I wait for God to come through on the promise of a child, I continue to eat healthy, exercise and mentally prepare myself for the arrival of my children. This is my follow-through; I pray about it, thank God for it and then make room for it. 

I encourage as you wait for your promise to come to life. Renew your faith, keep your focus and exercise your follow-through. God's promises are sure; his word never returns to him void, it is impossible for him to lie. Therefore it will come to pass. 

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Until next time, 
Live in gratitude. Live in love.