12 Reasons Why Squarespace is the Best for Busy Bloggers

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How many blogs are out there comparing Wordpress to Squarespace? A whole lot and I’ve read almost all of them. Since I’m such a caring and helpful person, I’m going to save you hours of reading and sum it all up. Wordpress has more user because of 3 reasons. One, it’s free. Two, it’s open source so you can edit and format to your heart's content. Great for those who have the time to do the design, tech, and troubleshooting for your own site. Squarespace, on the other hand, has great features, including great design, ease of use, great customer service and a whole lot of integrations. It would take me a few blog posts to go through all the features so here are the major 12 reasons why Squarespace is so awesome.

12 Reasons Why Squarespace is the Best for Busy Bloggers

Squarespace for Bloggers

Beautiful Themes
If you’re like me, you like beautiful pictures and clean lines. Squarespace themes, although few, are really beautiful on desktop and mobile. They are well designed, especially for photography and food blogs. Plus they are all customizable. 

Your site is optimized for mobile devices
Did you know that over 50% of your web viewership is via mobile? That means over half of your customers are viewing your site on their cell phones or tablets. You want these people to have the best experience with your site so you’ve got to make sure your site is optimized for this. Squarespace takes care of all of this for you. No wonky pics or misplaced words, all of the templates are already optimized. Bonus: Google is fond of sites that are optimized so you’ll already be ahead of the game. 

Easy Customization
Customization and design are all done by drag and drop. No need to learn that wretched HTML code to get things done. Don’t get me wrong, the more code you know, the more you options you have to customize, but you don’t need it.  Blocks include galleries, forms, commerce, code, social links, audio, video, images, text blocks and more. You can customise almost everything on your site, including the fonts and color schemes to match your branding and make your website unique to you.

Html/CSS? No problem
You can get technical if you feel the need! You can edit the CSS of your site without having to pay extra or get a professional package. If you're set on a particular feature that is only available by adding to the CSS of your theme, you can.    

Built-in SEO
SEO is built into the platform. You need to have good SEO to rank high in a google search. Having good SEO requires a few things and Squarespace takes care of all of it for you. You have a built-in sitemap, customizable site description, image titles, alt tags, blog post titles and page titles. You don’t have to figure out where to put what. It’s all laid out for you. 

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Built-In E-Commerce
All Squarespace themes have a blog and e-commerce built in. You can sell your products right on your site. You don’t have to send your customers to other sites like Shopify or Etsy to buy your products. You can sell physical and digital products. You can even sell your services. Squarespace integrates with Stripe and Paypal to process payments. 

Hosting, domain included 
Hosting and domain are included when you sign up.  Already purchased a domain? No problem. Squarespace has made it easy for you to transfer it over. If you don’t want to transfer, you can still connect the domain to your site.  

You can create landing and funnel pages
Say whaaaat! Yes, I said it! Squarespace has the most beautiful landing page templates. It’s easier to customize a landing page than any other page. You can also build a really nice funnel page using an index template. Ex: Index Page. You can customize these by adding video and even a cart to your store. If you are using your blog to promote your business this is a great option for you. Especially since it can eliminate the need to spend $99 a month for a subscription to another funnel service which shall remain nameless cough clickfunnels cough

Beautiful Blog Templates & a dedicated app for blogging on the go
Squarespace is excellent for bloggers. The Five template is the most versatile and then there are Skye, Foundry, Indigo, Ready, and Tutor. These templates have specific features for bloggers like you. You can read more about all the features here. Squarespace also has a mobile app for all you busy bloggers who don’t have time to sit in front of a computer for hours at a time. Sometimes I get inspiration while I’m in transit and I just open the app and put it in draft mode until I can get in front of a computer to flush it out. 

Collect email addresses
Squarespace is fully integrated with MailChimp, making it easy to collect email addresses. You have newsletter blocks, cover pages and your announcement bar to get email addresses in several ways. You can also hook up any other email service provider like Convertkit through the code block. It’s just a matter of copying the code and pasting it into the block. Easy peezy! 

Awesome knowledgebase and Customer Service
Unlike Wordpress, Squarespace has 24/7 customer service via email. You will get a response within 24 hours and if you need help fast, the knowledge base has everything you need and video to show you how to do it. This is one of the main reasons why I switched from Wordpress. There are too many tasks to get done as a blogger and I don’t have the time to fumble around the internet to find someone to fix my site if it goes down or if a plug-in crashes. I also don’t have a few hundred to spend on said person to fix stuff. Squarespace customer service takes care of it all and it’s included. 

Grow your website as your business grows
Squarespace cannot grow with your business but Wordpress can grow as you grow! Have you heard that one? If you’ve been to any of the sites that compare both sites, you’ve seen this before. But it’s not true. You can grow your site with your business. Squarespace has several plans where you can add commerce features, pages, products, and blogs. You can change the theme to fit your new needs. 


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