Are Your Spiritual Values and Life in Alignment?

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.
— Jean Shinoda Bolen

If you're on a spiritual growth journey,  you might encounter times when your thoughts and actions don't reflect your values. This happens to me more often that I would want. As a Christian, one of my values is honesty, but to tell you the truth there are times when I find myself telling what we term “little white lies”. They are not intentional and I certainly don’t make it a practice to lie, but something as small as calling in sick to work when I’m just tired goes against my overall value system. When I find myself doing these little things that go against my values, it is a strong indication that I’m out of alignment and I have to do a quick self-check and realignment. So what about you? 

Are Your Spiritual Values and Life in Alignment?


If you’ve had similar experiences, on these occasions you're troubled because you want to live up to your ideas. You understand the importance of putting your values into practice, but, despite trying, can't always bring your knowledge of into every day and every area of life. If this is the case, chances are there are two things happening. 

  1. You are trying to live a life that you are not prepared for yet.  In other words, you set the bar too high, too early and you are not allowing yourself time to learn, grow and mature. You cannot live what you do not know.  
  2. You are having a discipline problem where you are not making intentional steps to implement the values you say you want to live by. It takes time and effort to develop good habits. 

“Staying in alignment with your spiritual values takes intentional action steps.“

There is also a third reason why you are not always in alignment. Chances are you're behaving and thinking just as you should on your journey to greater maturity; here's why. 

You're gaining know-how

Whether you learn to play an instrument or meditate, you go through various stages of learning. As you study your competence develops and you put new skills into practice. Sometimes, you manage well, but at others, you fail. After honing your proficiency, you become competent and can apply what you've learned unconsciously. What you’ve learned becomes second nature. 
If you're having difficulty aligning your spiritual values with life, you're going through a learning phase in which you are consciously semi-competent. In other words, you're aware you haven't got the hang of applying your aspirations consistently yet. Don't worry though, since you are on your way to success. Simply knowing you sometimes go off track is a great starting point. 


How to deal with misalignment

If your spiritual ideals and behavior or thoughts don't match, the chances are you mentally beat yourself up. People often feel annoyed and disappointed when they don't practice what they learn. The key to moving positively through the development process is to enjoy learning. Instead of wanting to be fully competent immediately, notice the gifts your journey offers. 

Avoid racing through the process. Instead, take notice and document each learned lesson. 
As your life becomes more in line with your spiritual values, your relationships will change for the better because you'll interact differently. There will be times when you gain understanding and experience aha moments - these are milestones signaling progress. 

Even when you entertain negative thoughts or act in ways you dislike, you'll know you are gaining ground because you can see a huge difference in your awareness of what's happening. In the past, you might have blamed people and circumstances for your discomfort but now realize you are in charge of your experience.
Your spiritual values and life may not always be aligned, but this doesn't mean you're a failure. In this life, there is no such person as a perfect person because there is no end to growth.  Your awareness of flaws shows you're making progress. You'll be happier as you advance when you do these four things: 

  1. Accept that you’ll make some missteps along the way
  2. Implement what you’ve learned to get better.
  3. Recognize the small wins
  4. Most importantly,  relax and enjoy the process

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Until next time, 
Live in gratitude. Live in love. 

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