How Fear Stops You From Achieving Greatness

For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.
— 2 Timothy 1:7

To achieve greatness, you have to be willing to grow as an individual and improve yourself.  Yes ladies and gentlemen. Achievement cannot be attained with growth and growth cannot happen without work. 

We all know that in order for a seed to grow, there needs to be some work on the part of the farmer. There’s the tilling or breaking of the ground, planting the seed, watering the seeds and the most nerve wracking part; the waiting period. 

There are many things that can cause the seed to die. Too much rain, not enough rain, birds eating the seeds, etc. These are all real fears and naturally so, but none of these things worry the farmer nor does it stop him from doing what he has to do to produce a crop. All of these events are out of the farmers control. Therefore, he can and will do all he knows how to do and leave the rest to nature. 

How Fear Stops You From Achieving Greatness

How fear stops you from achieving greatness

That is how we should view our dreams and aspirations. They are like seeds that are inside of us waiting to be planted, watered and nurtured. Fear is like the weed that kills the seed before it has a chance to grow so it is up to us to make sure we pull those weeds of fear out of the ground and not allow them to choke our seeds of greatness.     

In order to grow as an individual and improve yourself, you must be willing to expand your skill set and be open to the many experiences that God will bring you through. These experiences will do three wonderful things for you:

  • Increase your knowledge
  • Increase your skill-set
  • Increase your confidence

You cannot be afraid to follow the path God has set out for you. You must challenge yourself, take reasonable risks, and step outside of your “comfort zone.”  If you are fearful, you will not reach the greatness you are capable of achieving, but instead live beneath your potential always wrestling with the need to do and be better. 

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What is “False Fear”

False fear is the feeling of failure before you make any attempt to perform a task. True fear is a natural reaction to a real threat. When your brain gets the signal that your life maybe in danger, it signals you to either run or defend yourself. This is called “Fight or Flight”. We’ve all heard about it in school.

Many people are fearful and hesitant to step outside of their “comfort zones,” preferring to do things that they are familiar with because of the fear of failure. A fear of failures that have not taken place yet.

No one wants to feel like a failure because it is taken as a direct reflection on who they are. Instead of saying “I failed at this task, let me try another approach” they say “I AM a failure”. This is a gross misconception and is nothing but a lie.

Many people also have a fear of embarrassment because other people may see them struggle with this new activity or challenge.  Another fear is the fear of  ridicule from people because they struggle with this new activity or challenge.  

“False fear” causes you to think and say the following:

  1. I’m not qualified because of my (fill in blank). I will embarrass myself even if I tried.
  2. That is way above my paygrade. I’m going to stay in my lane and keep doing what I’m doing.
  3. I don’t want any attention. The bible says to be humble and of a quiet spirit.
  4. Look at how he/she embarrassed themselves. I’m not going to try that, let me stay in this corner.
  5. I have no talent or anything to give. No one will care about what I have to say. Anything I may have to say has already been said.

Notice a trend there? This kind of fear stems from our thoughts about our own abilities as opposed to an actual real threat. So that leads to question:

How do we overcome “false fear”?  

Fearing taking on new challenges or activities for any of the above reasons or any similar reasons only keeps you from achieving the greatness you are capable of achieving.  

By not challenging yourself , You will only continue to excel and be productive in the skills you know, but you won’t expand your skill set to grow as an individual and possibly be even more productive and capable than you currently realize.  

What most call stepping out on faith, doesn’t mean you are jumping off the deep end. All it means is that you are doing small things every day to expand your knowledge of God and what he has planned for you.

You are using and sharpening the natural talents he has given you and you are gaining new skills, tools and even relationships to help you grow further.

Therefore “stepping out on faith” as how I just described it is the key to expelling “false fear”.  

When you step out on faith, expect that there will be some failure. That is a natural part of the process. A baby doesn’t just get up and start walking at birth. He/she must learn to lift their head, roll over, crawl, then walk.

As the baby learns to walk, he will take a tumble or two but the parent doesn’t put the baby back in the crib and says “I will never allow you to come out again, so you don’t fall”. That would be ludicrous and might even be considered abuse.

No! The parent allows the child to fall and get back up again because that is apart of the process.

Don’t be afraid of the process. Failure is apart of the process as much as success is apart of the process.

Fear can  only stop you from achieving greatness if you allow it to. It can  hinder your growth as an individual and prevent you from learning more about yourself and your God given abilities to handle life challenges and new levels of success.  

Don’t make the growth process complicated by dwelling on and feeding your fears. Instead, pull up those weeds of fear and plant you vision seeds. Like the farmer, do the work and wait for the harvest despite the potential challenges.

By getting out of your “comfort zone,” you can grow as an individual and be able to achieve the greatness you are capable of achieving.

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Live in gratitude. Live in love.