How to Take Control of Your Mental Well-Being

Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.
— 1 Peter 5:7

Like most people, you might have good and bad days. Life's a roller-coaster when it comes to your emotional health since you're pushed and pulled by the tides around you. When people and events in your midst are on top form, you are too. When they take a downturn, though, you follow suit. At the same time, you might have an overactive imagination that causes you unnecessary worry and makes you anxious. If the hat fits, it's time to take control of your mental well-being for a change.

How to Take Control of Your Mental Well-Being

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Protect Your Emotional Space

Humans are naturally emotional and easily influenced by the people in their lives. Those closest to you, and even strangers can sometimes have a negative impact on you. If you are not careful, when they are upset, you digest their anxiety because you empathize with them or think you're to blame for their bad mood.

You'll find remaining mentally stable and happy easiest if you protect your emotional space. Doing so doesn't mean you have to stay away from miserable people, just that you remain self-aware and alert. It requires you to be intentional about the people you hang around and the conversations you engage in.  

When you have to be with people who are in a lousy mood, remember to retain your sense of self. Remember your intention not to allow anyone to steal your positive attitude, and they won't influence you so much. Why? Because negative people only thrive around negative people. You block negative people from invading your mental space by responding to negative talk and actions with positive mature actions. That co-worker that likes to gossip will find that you are not the one to gossip with if you keep changing the subject or just plain walk away. 

Strengthen the Power of Emotional Self-sufficiency 

Just like preserving a healthy emotional state in the company of others, you need to conserve harmony when you're alone. Most people suffer from anxiety due to negative thinking but don't realize they can change the way they think. The best way to stay positive is to notice the moment worries pop into your mind, and take charge of its content.

If you were writing a book, you would see editing as a regular part of the process of perfecting the material you created. The same can be true when dealing with your mind. Letting thoughts flow freely will undoubtedly allow concerns to rise to the surface and take root.

The more you go over problems, the worse they seem. Don't let negative thoughts fester; acknowledge them and let them go by focusing on a different topic before they have time to enlarge. Alternatively, write worries in a journal; get them out of your head and onto paper. Once seen in black and white, you might realize they aren't as bad as you imagined. If it’s something that has to be solved but you don’t know the solution, here’s a good plan. 


Write it Down on Paper. 

Put the paper down in front of you and ask God to help you handle the situation. Specifically ask him to either relieve you of the problem or help you through it. 
Thank him for helping you in advance. 
Fold the paper up and put it in a drawer. 

Do this every day until the problem is resolved. Your prayer can change from help me to get through this, to “help me understand what you are trying to teach me in this situation”. Keep adding to your request, but always keep in mind that you are laying the situation on God to handle. Don’t pray about a problem, then pick up the problem and walk away with it. Leave the problem before the Lord and walk away. 

The problem may get worse before it gets better, but you will gain mental and spiritual strength as you go through it. Your character, your resolve and your perseverance will be strengthened. 

Your mental well-being is in your hands, which is good news. Your happiness is not at the mercy of events or other people. Take control of your emotional health by doing what it takes to protect it.  As a result, you'll remain balanced and content, no matter what happens around you.


Until next time, 
Live in gratitude. Live in love. 

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