Should You Hire a Life Coach?

The distance between your dreams and reality is called, action.
— Unknown

Many people struggle with living their best life. But living life is a skill and sometimes it helps to have a coach to help you reach your goals. This is really no different than hiring a voice coach to improve your singing. When an athlete decides they want to play a particular sport, they hire a coach immediately. A professional that has played the sport or at least has coached other successful players. There is no question that a coach is needed in order to get them to that ultimate goal. So is the same with particular areas of our life. Some of us need a Life Coach to get us to that next step, that next win.

Should You Hire a Life Coach?

Life Coach

Today, there are teachers for everything including writing, cooking, fitness and more. We are already used to getting help from an expert to achieve our goals. We might try to learn a skill through books and videos but, if we really want to succeed, we will probably look for an experienced teacher, mentor or coach.

Somehow living life is in a different category. Sometimes life will throw you a curve that knocks you flat and you will have problems picking yourself back up and need some help. If you struggle, have problems setting goals, fail and have trouble getting back on track it is time to look for a life coach.

Sometimes, you fall into an endless circle trying to make a decision. You just can't make that decision for yourself and you wallow in uncertainty. A life coach can help you analyze your thoughts and make a good choice.

There are life coaches who specialize in many different areas of living an abundant life. This includes helping guide your career and encouraging personal growth. They also can help you if you're having problems with your family or your spouse. 

List of Coaching Niches

Transitional - Helps with transitioning from one phase of life to the next. Ex: A career housewife who is transitioning back into the corporate arena. 
Wellness - Helps you reach your health and fitness goals.  A wellness coach can also help with mental wellness issues. 
Relationships - Helps you navigate personal and business relationships. A relationship coach can guide you through a turbulent relationship so you can end up in a better place in the end. This includes family, marital, parent/child, and business. 
Leadership - Teaches best leadership practices and helps you lead your team in the most effective way.
Financial - Helps you unravel and understand your finances.  
Christian Life - Uses biblical principles as a guide to assist you in living out your God given purpose. 

A Life Coach can address any area of your life and help you win those small wins, until you get to the big win.  

Before you hire a life coach, be sure you are ready to accept direction and you really want to move on with your life. If this describes you, it will be easier for the coach to help you analyze your life and determine what you want for yourself. 

If you're looking for a life coach, you are probably frustrated with what is happening in your life and have no idea how to pick yourself up and move on.

Keep in mind that living your ideal life can be costly in time, effort, dedication and some money. But if you've reached a point in your life where you are unhappy, you have got to be willing to invest in turning your life around and achieving your dreams. 

Today's world is complicated and you should never feel bad about needing help. Your life coach will help you set your goals and then help you create a plan to reach those goals. He or she can be a great asset if you've reached the point where you're ready to work hard.

The Difference Between a Coach, Mentor & Therapist

According to, “In summary, the mentor has a deep personal interest, personally involved—a friend who cares about you and your long term development. The coach develops specific skills for the task, challenges and performance expectations...”

Your life coach is not a therapist and the coaching process is not the same process. Your therapist may encourage you to deal with issues in the past in order to heal and move forward. coach is not concerned with your failures in the past.

Your Life Coach is here help you build a better future. If you're still stuck in the past and having a hard time getting over your  past problems, it might be better to see a therapist. But, if you're ready to start from where you are today, a life coach can help you plan your best possible future. 

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