Stuck in a Rut? Time to Change Your Routine!

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do, daily.
— Unknown

Are you stuck in a rut, following the same old behaviors? If so, it's time to change. When you repeat actions, you get similar results. If you want to see a different result you have to change up the formula. Deciding to shake up your routine and vitality will fill your days.

Stuck in a Rut? Time to Change Your Routine! 

changing routines

How to Climb out of the dull Routine 

People use the word rut to describe a dull routine because it's hard to change. A routine is a habit we follow without thought. Since routines are second-nature, we don't realize they hold us back until it’s too late. It usually a major event to happen in our lives to force us to change. Routines are natural and there is nothing wrong with healthy routines, such as your morning hygiene routine.  

When it comes to making decisions about life, love, and career, you must know that in order to achieve anything great in those areas you will have to step out of the everyday norm. 

Right now you might feel stuck, but you can climb out of a rut just as quickly as you created it. The reason you feel stuck is that you repeated behaviors until they became automatic. You created a routine, and veering off the path feels uncomfortable. 

Let’s face it we love a comfy routine. Wake up - morning routine - commute to work - work, commute home, evening routine, watch tv, go to bed. Next day, do it all over again. Until one day you wake up and realized, you haven’t truly lived. 

Sounds a little depressing right? So let’s change tracks, switch it up a little. Start with small wins. 

First, be mindful of your actions. Instead of milling along, aim to be self-aware. You need to notice when you slip into a rut by behaving in familiar ways. Once you recognize areas in which you want to change, you need an alternative course of action to put in place. 



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New Behavior

You don't have to modify your persona to ditch an old routine; just think of different ways of completing tasks.

Also, consider alternative activities to help you grow and put you in touch with new experiences. For instance, if you find that watching tv every evening helps your mind wind down for the day, try another activity like reading or biblical meditation. 

TIP: One great way to release the day's tensions is to go to take a warm shower, put on some relaxing clothing and sit in silence for about 5 minutes. Just sit and breathe deeply. That five minutes of breathing will keep you from getting overwhelmed because you release the stress so you can focus on your family or whatever you need to do before you go to bed. 

For other areas of your life consider your usual routine. How do you spend your spare time? For instance, do you go to the same places when you're out with friends? If so, discover local attractions and sites you've not visited. Get out of your rut and go to different restaurants, theaters, parks and shopping centers. Also, explore various forms of recreational activities. Something as simple as bike riding with friends on the weekend can make a big difference. 

Explore your interests. Have you always wanted to learn how to paint? You don’t have to hire an expensive teacher to learn anymore. Jump on Groupon and sign up for a painting class for less than $40. Grab a friend and take a swimming class together. The point does one thing that you have not done before. Start somewhere. 

Listen, this is your life and yours alone. No one can make the changes you need but you.  You don't need to be stuck. Many terrific new experiences lie in wait if you change. 

Climb out of your boring routine by changing how you behave and what you do, and your life will alter accordingly. As a result, you'll get back to living with purpose and enjoy life.

Until next time, 
Live in gratitude. Live in love. 

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