The Importance of Nourishing Your Soul

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.
— Psalm 62:1

It is through our souls that we are connected to the God. It is the strength of this connection that determines how we live, move and see the world. Taking some time each day to acknowledge and strengthen that connection is one of the best ways to nourish our souls. 

The Importance of Nourishing Your Soul

In today's modern world of technology, it is now possible for days, or even weeks and months, to pass without our ever coming into direct contact with God. This direct contact is one of the things that help keep our souls firmly grounded. So why do we neglect it? 

Just as our bodies depend upon the earth for nourishment, our souls depend upon God. Taking a moment each day to connect directly with God, whether through prayer, fasting or in a creative way such as singing songs or writing poetry about his goodness, can help reaffirm our identities in Him. As we get closer to God we see who are in him. 

Making a Direct Connection with God

Connecting with God gives you a real perspective of where you fit in the universe. Think about how massive this universe is. Billions of galaxies and stars. Planets that have not been discovered by humans yet. Yet, in all of this God is very much concerned about our lives. He cares about what happens to us and the decisions that we make. Knowing this fact alone gives your soul a feeling of security, comfort, and hope. 

Direct connection with God opens up our eyes to what is truth and what is a facade. 

When we begin to feel the heavy burden of decisions that we feel are so important that they may change the entire course of our lives, just gazing up at the night sky at the multitude of far-off stars can help restore our perspective. It reminds us that the creator of such beautiful things is more than able to handle whatever I’m so worried about. 

Nourishing your soul means that through awareness of the breath of life you become more able to be fully present in order to treasure each moment you’re alive. Being fully present enables us to open ourselves to what each moment has to teach us. 

Being fully present means we are open to what God wants to say to us. 

It also helps us focus on both what is permanent and what is temporary.  This is especially helpful when we are experiencing something we perceive as a bad experience. When we take the time to open up ourselves to God so that he can nourish our souls, we are quickly aware that the troubles of this life are only temporary, but our souls and the love of God never dies. 

Three  Key Factors in Having a Nourishing Relationship with God

  1. Honesty 
  2. Acceptance 
  3. Appreciation 

Honesty in communication allows you to hear what God is really saying to you without the filter of your own expectations. 

Acceptance is simply you yielding to whatever God is telling you. Accept who he is, who he says you are and his plan for your life. 

Appreciation for the relationship you have with God. Appreciation and gratitude are the nourishment that you need to live a life full of purpose and victory. 

Awareness of each breath, sight, sound, and smell that surrounds us, as well as each accompanying emotion within us, helps create and maintain a sense of gratitude for being alive. 
A sense of appreciation for life and its lessons affects all our interactions in a positive way. It makes us more apt to freely share with others all that God so generously provides for us. 

Most importantly, these soul-nourishing practices help remind us that while people may often serve as vessels for his use, it is really God that provides. That reminder can be a powerful antidote to negative feelings that may arise as a result of feeling powerless or at the mercy of other people.  

All of this knowledge and wisdom only comes with experiencing a healthy personal relationship with God. 

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Until next time, 
Live in gratitude. Live in love. 

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