Fast Forward: What Would Your 80-Year-Old Self Advise You to do?

The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.

— E. Tolle

Are you making the most of your life? Possibly not. No doubt, your 80-year-old self of the future would have something to say about who you are now, or rather what you're not doing at the moment. The truth be known, you're missing out; not because you can't have a full and exciting life, but because you're putting off doing so until the time is right. But when will that time arrive, if it does at all? And who better to give you advice than someone who knows you best? You! So here’s the question again:

Fast Forward: What Would Your 80-Year-Old Self Advise You to do?


Let's face it, you have hopes and dreams just like everyone else, but you aren't in a hurry to work toward them. It's not that you don't want to, it's just that you assume you'll naturally do so when the time is right. Perhaps you're waiting until you're financially secure, meet the right person, or become more proficient at something; but what if the elements that let you know it's time never fall into place? 

If everything is in place for you in other ways, you can't help but flourish. Real life, though, isn't black and white. 

Of course, preparation is one of the keys to being successful, but most people get stuck in the forever learning zone. You know that person that is always in school or has signed up for a million online courses but never applies anything they learn to real life. 

There has to be a time where you apply what you’ve learned, whether in school or in life and get moving to the next stage. Would your 80-year-old self tell you to reapply to school so you can get that degree you need to begin that career you dream of? 

What Would Your 80-Year-Old Self Advise You to do?

Would she tell you to let go of that negative nancy in your life who can never seem to support any of your decisions to better yourself? 

Would she tell you to let go of the bitterness towards that man or the men that broke your heart so you can make room for someone that will truly love you? 

Sit down and really think about it. After living your life for that long and going through all the experiences you will go through, would your 80-year-old self want you to be happy?  

 If the answer is yes then take the first step to being happy. Begin with the end in mind. 

The achievers of this world, those who stretch beyond the boundaries of typical accomplishment, don't hang around, hoping things will eventually be perfect before making an effort to be amazing. They grab life by the horns, even when they are scared, and push forward.

They feel the fear and do it anyway
— Unknown

Most likely, your older, wiser self would look back at your life and sigh about all the opportunities to thrive, be incredible, and have fun you didn't take. Perhaps, you'll rise out of your comfy chair, and do your best to begin a workout routine,  start a prayer and meditation lifestyle, dance like no one's watching, or become an online entrepreneur. Then again, maybe you won't. 

Most likely, you'll settle back down and decide it's too late. Although this tale sounds sad, there's hope, since you can choose to make the future you proud. Now you can be 80 years old sitting in a rocking chair thinking about the life you could have lived, or picture your 80-year-old self, sitting in a rocking chair, impressing your grandchildren with pictures of you doing some truly awesome things. 

Right now, you can take a step toward your dream, however small. Each time you inch forward, you're closer than you were the day before. 


Ready to take that first step?

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Live in gratitude. Live in love. 

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