Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord
— Psalm 27:14

This is going to get personal. 

waiting on the Lord

I know you've heard this scripture many times because I have. As a young single Christian woman, this scripture seemed to be the default answer for every question I had concerning my unanswered prayers.

The preacher would shout "Wait on the Lord!", The soloist would sing "wait on the Lord, " and the church mother would whisper "wait on the Lord". It was encouraging because the follow up would be to "trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding. But in all thine ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct thine path". Sounds familiar?

I would walk away feeling a sense of relief knowing that God was concerned with my life and all the little details that happen every day. But then a few weeks would pass, and I would be worried and anxious again. Especially if I saw my peers moving ahead or receive blessings and I was still in the same place.

"Oh, you're engaged! Congratulations! You just met him last year? How wonderful! God is good!"

"You're pregnant again! Congratulations! This is your 5th child, and you don't know how you keep getting pregnant so easily! How wonderful! God is good!"

"Promotion again! It's only been six months since you started the job. Well, congratulations! God is good."

And all the while. I wait.

My question has never been, why do I have to wait? It is always, what do I do while I wait?

What if the wait is long. Not just days or months, but years. What did I do as I watch life move along and I'm waiting on God to move in my favor?

What Do I Do While I Wait On The Lord

Number one and this is the most important for me. I encourage myself. I encourage myself by remembering what God has done for me in the past. I encourage myself by remembering the time I was turned down for the job I waited two years for and walking out of that interview, looking to the sky and saying to myself "God will provide." Two weeks after the interview I got the job offer.

I encourage myself by remembering how many times I got myself into trouble and God rescued me despite my mistakes.

I encourage myself by remembering the times I laid in bed crying because I was so lonely. Then all of a sudden a feeling of peace washed over me and lulled me to sleep.

Remembering the good times is the key to waiting.

If you remember, when God took Israel out of Egypt, and they began to complain about their condition in the wilderness, He would always remind them of how he brought them out of Egypt. He wanted them to remember that he cared enough about them to perform miracles for their freedom.

So while you wait, remember the good times and encourage yourself. Read scriptures of promise. Sing songs that cheer your heart. Remember the miracles great and small.

Another thing to do while I wait for my answer is to occupy myself. The saying goes "An idle mind is the devil's playground"; which means that when we sit around doing nothing, Satan will use this opportunity to insert negative thoughts in our minds. He will try to magnify our situation and make it seem like God forgot about us. So while you wait, occupy your time.

Take this time to prepare for the blessing you are waiting for so when it comes; you are ready to receive it with joy. Take the waiting time to do all the things you dream of doing, like traveling or writing that first page for the book you want to publish. Find your ministry gifts and use them to minister to others. Whatever you do, don't waste this time by being idle. Use it to explore, grow, expand and strengthen.

Lastly, I keep praying. No matter what happens, I keep talking to God, because it's in these conversations that He encourages me and directs me on which path to take. There are times when the answer will not just show up out of the blue. There are times that I need to be lead to the answer or blessing. There needs to be some action on my part, and I need to put one foot in front of the other until I'm standing right in front of it. If this is the case, then it only makes sense for me to keep the communications lines open so I can get clear and consistent directions. The bonus is my relationship with God grows and like the good Father that He is, your prayers will never go unanswered.

Waiting is hard. Period. But don't be discouraged because you are not alone. Encourage yourself, prepare yourself and keep praying. God has not forgotten you. He knows your name.

Wait I say on the Lord.

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Until next time,
Live in gratitude. Live in love.