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What You Can Learn from How Others Treat You

Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.
— Parker Palmer

Your relationships reveal your self-image and let you know whether your self-esteem needs attention. When others behave in ways that regularly impact you negatively, they are to blame for their actions. However, if you tolerate their conduct towards you, you don't recognize your value. Other's treatment of you can echo a lack of self-worth that needs to be improved if you want to be happy.

What You Can Learn from How Others Treat You

Standing up for yourself and saying "no more" when people walk over you is tough if your self-esteem is low. When you don't think you're worth much, neither will many other people. They will reflect your lack of self-worth right back at you. Their behavior is bad but is a helpful signal that it's time to work on your self-esteem. This is a bit of a touchy subject but let’s jump right in. 

Longstanding Negative Relationships

Are you in a relationship that leads to repetitive pain? Sometimes, you can't help coming into contact with negative people. They might be family members, co-workers, or other people you need to be around.

Let’s be honest. There are people who are rotten to everyone they come in contact with. If you happen to run into one of these, just step aside and let them through. They don’t care how high your self-esteem is, so don’t even bother engaging. 

On the other hand, most normal people treat others the way they treat themselves. These people can only hurt you if you give them the go-ahead. 

When you have strong self-esteem, the unkindness of others can't bring you down. You'll notice it but have the confidence not to take adverse words and unpleasant acts to heart. Further, you'll recognize negative people are actually sad and may feel sympathy for them.

You’ll assign their negative reaction to how they feel about themselves as opposed to internalizing it. 

Eventually, your non-acceptance of poor treatment will influence others. Those who used to be unfriendly will realize you are not part of their game anymore; because you don't react when they mistreat you, they will back off and may leave your life completely. 

In order to stay in a negative mindset, a person must feed themselves with negative thoughts and hang around like-minded people. If you live a life of love and self-acceptance, they can’t stick around and prosper in negativity. So they leave to find others to feed them. 

So stick to treating yourself well and you'll attract positive people who treat you well. Their pleasant behavior toward you will reflect your growing self-esteem.

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How to Boost Self-esteem

Self-esteem has to grow on the inside before it shows on the outside. You need to embark on a journey of personal development to raise your image in your own eyes before others can see the real you. 

Treat yourself with respect by developing boundaries, and other's perception of you will shift to match yours. The best way to change people's behavior toward you is to alter your behavior toward yourself. 

Show the world you deserve respect and appreciation by offering these qualities to yourself. Treat yourself as you want others to treat you and the results will be positive. Most people will follow your lead, and those who aren't able will not attempt to engage with you. If they are in your life now, they will not play prominent roles in your life anymore as you transform.

Look at your relationships if you want to know whether your self-esteem needs a boost. When you are surrounded by people who treat you well, you can be sure your self-image is healthy. If you face difficult relationships, remember they show your lack of self-worth, and you need to set boundaries and treat yourself with greater love and respect.

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Live in gratitude. Live in love. 

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