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  • You feel like your life is going in circles and you can't seem to move forward? 
  • You want to explore the world of blogging but have no clue where to start. 
  • You have great ideas but can't seem to get them focused? 
  • You've started a blog but you're not consistent with writing or struggle to find your niche and audience. 
  • You want clarity and straightforward strategy for putting it all together and executing your plans? 

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Build It | Automate It | Monetize It  

Success Blogging Master Course

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Welcome to Success Blogging Master course! Your blogging career is about to change. The skills and strategies contained in this course are designed to give you the most comprehensive education on modern blogging methods. I've packed everything you need  to make your blog successful in this course. My specialty is blogging with Squarespace so the set-up will be focused there. Do you plan to blog with Wordpress? No problem, I provide direction there as well. This is an evergreen course, so as the blogging world evolves, the course evolves with it. No need to go anywhere else for the new juice! 

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  • Comprehensive video training
  • Helpful worksheets 
  • Dedicated Facebook Group
  • Blog assessment and set-up
  • Templates for blog posts 
  • Social media strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Special bonus module

Overcome Self-Defeating Habits | Create Meaningful Relationships | Connect to your Purpose



A self-paced  course that is sure to bring you into the next phase of your journey. This course is designed to help you discover your life-purpose, overcome negative self-image, getting passed self-imposed fear and more. Once you are done, you will have a very clear vision on what direction you should take, including what career path, ministry or business you should pursue. 

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  • Video training
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Dedicated Facebook group 
  • Self-paced ever-green lessons
  • How to identify & eliminate self-defeating thoughts and habits
  • Goal-setting and productivity guide
  • Discovering your passion, purpose and talents

One-on-One Personal & Group Sessions